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The Chapter Advisory Board

Phi Delta Theta is always looking for men and women who have the desire and willingness to share their expertise and background with the undergraduate brothers of Phi Delta Theta. Since 2010, the Fraternity has increased its number of chapter advisory board members by 40%.

Over the years the singular Chapter Adviser at a chapter has evolved into a Chapter Advisory Board, and the distribution of responsibilities has been spread out throughout a committee structure. The Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) commonly includes a Chapter Advisory Board Chairman, a financial adviser, a recruitment adviser, an academic adviser, an alumni relations adviser, a facilities manager, and a faculty adviser. The individuals making up the CAB usually meet once a month independently of the chapter and spend the majority of their individual time working with the specific chapter officer that matches their responsibilities.

Information about your Chapter Advisory Board

Phi Delta Theta hosts Chapter Advisory Board training at its regional Chapter Advisory Board Summits. Volunteers who attend learn about: General Fraternity initiatives, the fundamental purpose and mechanics of a Chapter Advisory Board, basic principles and philosophies of volunteer management, the advantages of an objective-based management style, their personal advising style, and college students and the higher education landscape of today.

Chapter Advisory Board members are also asked to participate in an online certification process prior to officially assuming their post. Chapter Advisory Board certification and job descriptions are offered for the following positions: Chapter Advisory Board Chairman, Recruitment Adviser, Financial Adviser, Risk Management Adviser, Phikeia Education Adviser,  Academic Adviser, Alumni Relations Adviser and Faculty Adviser.


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